Painted Harvest Clutch Bag

Hi Everyone hope you are all having a great Friday and looking forward to a fabulous weekend.I have been asked how I made the Painted Harvest Clutch Bag so I hope this will help



  1. Start with a 12′ x 12″ paper, Start with the paper down and bring the corners together and press down form a triangle.


2 From the bottom turn up approximately 1/2′ and press the fold down firmly.


3 Open out and them fold the 2 corners in to meet in the middle


4 fold in the mountain-valley style.the centre fold up should be in the mountain fold

img_37606 close up the purse,and fold back the corner flip and repeat on the other side.

7 Stick the 2 flaps down and punch 2 holes

8 Cut out a circle with the stitched thinlet frame set then stamp the sunflower and leafs

9 Add some garden string to finish.

Supplies used

All supplies can be found in my online shop

Thanks for dropping by

Karen xx



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