Hexagonal Pen  Holder

I have been looking at buying some pen holder for my craft desk but while on pinterest I found 2 Origami one’s this is the 1st one will show you the other one in a couple of day  this is super easy to make you need 6 peices  of card stock 8″ x 8″ it is super sturdy and much more in nicer to have one you made on your desk they would make super gifts for christmas.fullsizeoutput_206a

you will need 6 peices of card stock cut to 8″ x 8″

Scrore at 2″, 4″, and 6″


Turn the card and score at 2″ and 4″fullsizeoutput_2052

Take you ruler and score 4″ to 4″fullsizeoutput_2055

Then fold in and burnish fullsizeoutput_2058

Fold and burnish the bottom fold fullsizeoutput_205b

Turn over and fold and burnish the side in and burnish the middle fold as wellfullsizeoutput_205e

Then place oneside in to the other and glue i also glued the back flaps down.

Then make 5 more the same way.fullsizeoutput_2061

Then glue them together and add glue to the base and stand it on some cardstock when it is dry cut round it.fullsizeoutput_2064fullsizeoutput_2067

Thanks for dropping by.


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