Star Box

I love this star box it so quick and easy to make but looks a bit different.

You will need a 12×12 sheet of DSP  you can make 2 from 1 sheet..Cu the DSP down to 10 1/2″ x 6″.fullsizeoutput_21ed

Place your 10 1/2″ side in to your Gift bag punch board if using DSP with a right and wrong way up as with the bows make sure you but the DSP in so the bottom of the design is facing away from you.IMG_0599

Punch score just the side of the bag you will need to do this 5 times.IMG_0603

Take your DSP out and turn your board round so the hole punch is facing you ,turn your DSP round and place it in the hole punch and line up the middle score line and puch a long your bag top.IMG_0604IMG_0605IMG_0606

Wedge small flap as in photo.  fold and burnish your score line the line with the triangle at the bottom at mountain fold as are the triangles, the other lines are valleys, Then add tape to the side flap and stick your box together.IMG_0607

Fold in your base and cut 2 2 1/4″ circlesIMG_0609

Stick one on the outside and one on the inside.IMG_0610IMG_0611IMG_0624

have fun making your own star box.


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